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Sunday, August 26, 2012

open house/ Middle School Art

Instructor:  Mrs. Julia Garnett

Building:  Western Middle School


Other:  Please contact me by email or phone.  The best time to call is after school.  I am also available from 12:56- 1:44 PM most days.  

Course Description:

Students will utilize a variety of media to create works of art.  Media includes, but is not limited to:  Pencil, colored pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, ink, oil pastel, chalk pastel, and clay.  Students will learn about the Elements and Principles of Design, as well as some color theory, and art history.

Essential Learning Expectations:

Students will learn basic art skills, and proper use and care of art tools.

Students will learn how to plan, execute, and critique an art project.

Students will be expected to know the terminology and use of the following Elements of Design:  Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Texture, Space.

Text used and other recommended materials:

Students should come to class each day with a pencil.  Students will also need a 3- fastener folder. 


Student grades will be comprised from projects and participation.  Grades for art projects will be based on a set of requirements given for each assignment.  Requirements will include completion, meeting the deadline, creative use of limitations and peramiters, line quality, design elements, neatness and presentation.

Letter grades will be assigned by the scale below:

100- 91.5 = A 87.4- 81.5 = B 77.4- 71.5 = C 67.4- 61.5 = D
91.4- 89.5 = A- 81.4- 79.5 = B- 71.4- 69.5 = C- 61.4- 59.5 = D-
89.4- 87.5 = B+ 79.4- 77.5 = C+ 69.4- 67.5 = D+ 59.4- 0      = E

Grades will be rounded up only to the tenth place during this calculation.  Students will only earn a passing grade for a marking period if they achieve at or above 59.45% which rounds to 59.5%.

Classroom Management Plan:

The art classroom emphasizes the Nurtured Heart approach.  This approach focuses on positivity in the classroom, with little energy spent on negative behavior.  When a student misbehaves, the student will be given a “reset”.  A reset is essentially a time-out.  The student is then “welcomed” back to class.  For a continuous misbehavior, a written reset (a chance for the student to contemplate his or her actions) will be assigned.  

If misbehavior continues to be a problem, the student will write a “Behavior Improvement Plan”.  Plans are to be signed by a parent and brought back to school the following day.  If the Plan is not signed and returned the next day, the student will receive a lunch detention and a call home.

Students in the art classroom are responsible for set up, care, and clean up of materials.  Students will be expected to maintain their personal workspace, and storage space.  It should be neat and in order.  They will work at group tables, and are expected to cooperate, and complete tasks in a prompt and appropriate manner. They are expected to remain on task during class, and may not disrupt the creative flow of others.    All students will be expected to take pride in the maintenance of the art room, and take care of each shared area such as sinks, cutting station, glue station, etc. 

In addition, all Western Middle School Building rules apply in the art classroom.  Students will be respectful, responsible, and ready.

Students will be referred to the principal if he/she has behavior issues listed in the Middle School Handbook.

Additional Classroom Information:

Due to the nature of the art projects assigned, attendance is extremely important.  Many projects are very difficult to “make- up” or “catch- up” outside of class.  Individual cases will be determined as necessary.

Use of personal technology (phones, ipods, mp3 players, etc.) are to be kept in student lockers. Music players may be allowed with special permission on days determined as rewards or celebrations.  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal technology.

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