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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving Friday

making scratchboard
two tips for the day:
#1- Stain busters for art teachers to keep on hand. "Lestoil"- for anything oil based, "Kiss Off"-  often gets paint out, "Borax"- great whitener and brightner, "WD40"- for oil based stains,
Yesterday I got paint on my gold purse, my white scarf, and my pants. I got it out of everything but my purse.
#2- Spend as much time as you can with family and girlfriends.  Protect time with them at all cost!  Life is short, Art is long- and love of family and friends is longer!
I had breakfast today with 3 of my teacher friends this morning- we meet once a week at a great local yocal place.  It's one of my favorite things to do! We all stay until the last second, and pull into our schools at the last second :)
This is the schedule at my second building of the day; every other day is different- and every Wednesday is different - The first class of the day is from 8:30- 9:05 at a Private School about 4 miles away.

When I got to my first building of the day my student teacher was there, and her supervising teacher was there with her! Next, the Principal of that building came in (a Private Christian school I teach at 1st hr), with the Superintendent of the Public School District I teach at!  I had no idea any of them were coming. It was quite a party!  It is a new thing this year that we are servicing this Private school for art class, so I guess they were checking on how things were going. My student teacher did great.  She didn't seem at all nervous to have all of those "bosses" there while she was teaching.  I was really proud of her!
 The first hr of the day I had 6th-8th graders at the Private school. Then I run over and teach 8 more classes at the Public school.  I have a 35 minute prep period every other day.  My student teacher and I have conquered 4 weeks of this!  On Friday I move to another building and teach 4 weeks there.  I'll have 9 classes a day, with a prep period every other day.  After 4 weeks at that school I'll move to a 3rd building  where I'll have only 8 classes a day! and I will actually have a prep period every day! wow! maybe I can actually have time to look at my email at work! I feel like I am running a rat race- but I am stain free, and I have friends I love!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


What would elementary art be without glitter? Today we covered macaroni noodles with glitter- I got covered in the process... one of the first graders thought I looked like I was turning into a robot :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art Prize starts this week!

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Hi Art Friends!
ArtPrize: September 22 - October 10
Don't Miss it! It starts this week!

I'm an official artprize artist! Please vote for me!
look me up at

Julia Garnett's 
Text voting ID: 
Up: 44301 
or use this code to vote online

My painting "Farmscape" is showing at O'Tooles

Venue information
O'Tooles Public House
448 Bridge Street NW
Grand Rapids
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